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On the Atroma information

Hello fellow fleeters! I'm making this post to talk about the information about Atroma that everyone found during the heist. I know it's usual that, after plots like this, someone makes a post where characters shares findings. But since everyone was in the same room, I thought we could skip that step?

I thought it'd be cool if we handwaved a talk where they all agreed to put the info they found together on a document to share with the rest of the fleet, and put that finish document on a post for IC discussion if the people that didn't go are interested. That way is easier for a quick read and theorizing instead of lots of mini threads with the bits of information from each person. OOCly I don't mind putting it all together on a pastebin after the mods are done answering - ICly it'd probably be the best to say a character with communication augment or computer skills from home made it.

So yeah, let me know if you're all cool with that! Or maybe you have other ideas? I'm all ears! Let's go all resistance on this shit.

eta: WELP THAT HAPPENED go figure. Unless anyone is against, copy for the Iskaulit is a go. Also, forgot to add: if you have any info from the Interceptors, that could be shared too!
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[personal profile] cloakand_danger 2017-05-16 06:12 pm (UTC)(link)
This rebel leader with computer skills from home and a communications augment would be only too happy to compile that document. And probably suggest a plan to hide as much information as they can aboard the Iskaulit so it's not tied to any of the individual ships, maybe leave copies on other worlds just in case.
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Nami has no problem combining the information but she's worried about where said information is going to be put, so... as long as the combined list wasn't put anywhere accessible by the comms, she'd be down with it. (Which just means she'd recommend an IC discussion about the combined post is better done in person at a meeting offship, pretty much. Or on the Iskaulit, as Yuan suggests above.)
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Keith is all for this. He might have already started to assemble his own information in his room on the Huntress (see icon), but he's willing to share and put it in a more central location if people want to add to it or correct things as they go along. The Iskaulit seems as good a place as any.
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Vash will be happy to share his information except any possible personal information he may get during his current probe of questions he's on about contestants.

I doubt he'll get anything private, but just in case!
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Laura will share what she learned, though she's not a lot of use when it comes to finding a way of storing it, short of just writing it down.
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Kitty saved things on the data chip secured in one of her lockets, not on the Atroma system, so she should have a few things and what she remembers while scanning over files. She'll share.

That said, I didn't actually manage to ask any questions before time ran out, but I think that was just AI answers which aren't the same as other general files they may have captured? (Or maybe I'm wrong?) So... idk what she would have, just that she'd have something.
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Natasha would share information, definitely. Would want to keep track of a copy of the total compiled haul.
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Commenting to say Rip would've also shared and been very eager to hear what everyone had learned. Also that he would've wanted a copy, which is pretty standard, though he personally doesn't have a way to store it digitally.
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Kirk is absolutely about keeping back ups off the Atroma system, and he would share whatever he managed to get. He would probably advocate for multiple copies off the system too, just in case, potentially hidden somewhere, because covering all the bases.

He has some computer skills and hacking ability, so he would be capable transferring and making copies of the data, but if there's anyone else with better skills to do it, then by all means.