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at the end of everything we had

Ever since the Fleet began raising warnings about some vague, red-tinted, death-themed, horrible planetwide event that would befall the poor planet of Lyuku, natives have been a little touchier than usual. Most are skeptical, but a still significant number of them are not. While some of the wealthier families have the option to board a spaceship and go somewhere else for a while - and a few are doing just that, thanks - most people hearing about this Prophetic Dream of the End are just plain scared and not sure where to go or what to do.

Experts study the planet closer, to make sure they didn't overlook anything they should know. Astronomers look to the skies, checking and double-checking and re-checking every last detail for any hint of danger. Unfortunately... they find it, having just barely moved within a range they're capable of reading. It's coming in fast. And it isn't stopping.

On the night of the 16th, the usual bustling night-life on Lyuku pauses for the first time in ten thousand years. The merrymakers fall silent, the music grinds to a cacophonous halt, and everyone looks upward. There is a rapidly-moving shooting star across the sky, but the problem is that it shouldn’t be there. No one said anything about a comet passing this close. Consult all the palms and tea leaves you want, but the spirits are silent about this.

After a few hours, the authorities send out an announcement over all channels, playing on every communicator able to pick up the signal and the yelling in the streets:
People of Lyuku, and visitors from elsewhere-- everyone who revels in the Prince’s warmth and life, who lives and explores this beautiful planet… All of us are in danger. A large object from outside our solar system has been caught in our planet’s gravity and it is on a direct collision course with our world.

There is hope as long as we stick together. Gather your belongings and your loved ones and follow the directions of your local authorities at the landing areas. We will need to prepare the Eynewa Space Station, but we are able to accommodate everyone, and sustain them until we find refuge. Supplies and hands are needed. Evacuation begins now.

And on less official channels:
Oh my god. We’re going to fucking die here. Oh my fucking god. … fuck.

For all their technology, foresight, and fortune-telling-- they somehow missed the celestial object now hurtling toward their planet at a billion miles per hour. The only course available to the residents of Lyuku is to leave their planet behind.

→ September 16th: A giant meteor is spotted within range of Lyuku, and it is headed on a collision course. Evacuation begins immediately. A mingle post will go up shortly.
→ September 22nd: The meteor collides with Lyuku. There will be an IC post for this event.
→ September 28th: Atroma pulls away from the remnants of the Eyuzi system. Drift begins.

Save Our Ship
In order to facilitate their understanding of the universe, Lyuku has a working space station fluttering loosely around its orbit. Though it’s spacious, it lacks supplies and beds, as it was never really built to house the entire human population of their planet. Right now, it’s the only workable plan they have. It's time to start stocking up on supplies, setting up spaces for everyone, and rounding up everyone who needs evacuating.

Getting Natives to the Space Station
There are scientific, entertainment/tourism, and military organizations on the planet that have ships capable of flight and, more importantly, transporting large numbers of people at one time. They are all willingly and actively cooperating with each other to organize evacuation of all people as best as they can manage in the one week they have to do so, but they're going to need all the help they can get with coordinating efforts, facilitating communication, and picking up any stragglers that can't make their way to their designated station or port. Fleeters may also offer their own ships and shuttles for ferrying purposes as necessary. The goal is simple: get every last person you can possibly find onto a ship, off of the planet, and safely into the space station.

Supply Lines
In addition to helping with evacuation efforts, there’s the whole issue of logistics. Not only will these people need supplies to live on the space station for a while, they’ll also need the means to do it. Equipment of all sorts will need to be transported. Seeds, starter plants, some number of beneficial animals/livestock, non-perishable food, fuel, blankets and pillows, clothes-- the list goes on and on. Everything and anything will need to be transported to the space station. By offering Fleet ships and shuttles for transport, there will be more Lyukite resources to allocate for evacuation. It’s a good thing.

But What About the Planet Itself?
This is a singing planet. Those who have been in the fleet for a while know very well that there is more to these singing planets that meets the eye - and those that received visions this time around are especially aware of that fact. However, a planet is a planet, and a planet cannot simply move itself...

Any attempts to speak with or otherwise contact the planet will not work. Even if characters are capable of reaching out to the planet, its energies and emotions are far, far too great to deal with or comprehend right now. That feeling of panic is of course far, far greater now, but also a sense of relief underneath it all - it's message was received, and something is being done. That's all it could hope for.

Should it come up in conversation, the natives will mention that they know their planet is strong, and that they have hope for a future even after all of this, no matter how dire the situation may seem right now. They won't be shaken from that belief, either - possibly for the best. It's perhaps a good thing to let them have that sort of hope right now.

Inevitable Impact
Some stubborn citizens may attempt to remain. Anyone who is caught on the planet or in the atmosphere when the comet collides will be vaporized. Deaths during this plot do count under typical Atroma death rules: characters will awaken on the Hospitality Deck of the Marsiva with a deep coldness in their bones and may suffer nightmares and other symptoms for a few weeks. However, the NPCs will not be resurrected in this manner. (They’re dead, Jim.)

The minutes tick down like hours like days like years. There’s one last push of people and animals that need to make it up to the station, the last stragglers who stayed behind to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible.

The engines fail.

Fleeters will need to work fast to see these people saved. Engineers can work on the transport ship, pilots can ferry people off the surface-- it doesn’t matter how it’s done as long as it gets done. Characters will have a scarce sixty minutes to accomplish this miraculous feat using their augments, equipment, skills and wits. And anyone who wants to be a hero... may very well die like one.

There will be a top-level comment on the mingle specifically for this emergency operation, for your convenience, but feel free to make your own threads if you prefer. The time limit is an IC one - there is no time limit OOCly. Additionally: death is, of course, up to player discretion. Still, this rescue will be incredibly dangerous - may even be considered a suicide mission.

What Remains
It isn’t all hopeless. The Lyukites were right about one thing: their planet is incredibly strong. Adaptable. A true survivor. After the dust has settled from the crash of the meteor, despite the absolute destruction of everything on the surface there's a song that remains - faint, but clearly present. It's tired, weak, and hurt, but hopeful and so very grateful. The natives can hear it from their new homes on the space station, and fleet crews can hear it more clearly than they have ever heard any other singing planet they've come across. Even non-magical, non-empathetic types can sense something positive in the air -- or maybe everyone else's hope is just that contagious. Who could say for sure?

Though millions of years of evolution just got totally wiped out, the people of Lyuku may soon return to their planet as it heals itself. However, it’ll take a generation or two in order to be restored to even half of what it used to be. In the meantime, they have their space station, and they can contact other nearby systems and hopefully make homes there. Wherever the diaspora ends up, at least they’re alive. By interfering when they did, the Fleet may have saved an entire civilization.
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QUESTION: If Mags & Daeron want to hijack a speaker system to try and enchant as much of the planet's population off the planet in something like a calm fashion (well. A vaguely drugged fashion, hey there's only so much wriggle room in "enchantment" okay) can they do it

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Since canon gives us no estimate, how many people can Khadgar transport each time?
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1.) Kind of sussing out what I'm doing, forgive my awful questions. Firstly, will there be any potential for debris or smaller/detached meteor rock falling in and breaking shuttles attempting to escape, or hitting the planet?

2.) IF SAID DEBRIS IS POSSIBLE... If a character loses a leg but that isn't what kills him, could they wake up without said after death, or would they have it magically regenerated? Asking for a friend. That friend is me, I'm that friend.
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Something else I thought I'd seen somewhere but can't confirm- do the SR shuttles have their own autopilot functions? Mostly just for returning to their ship of origin.

Since a certain someone might use that and just throw in a couple stubborn stragglers to send off and let her crew make sure they get to the station with the others.

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How's the space station going to fare on the subject of drinking water supplies?

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Hermione can apparate and create Porkeys, both of which allow for mass teleportation on a smaller scale (so apparation can have 2-3 people plus her, portkeys could have 5ish max). Would she be able to use these with the evacuees and, if so, would she be able to take them directly onto the space station or would she have to take them to somewhere on the planet to board it?
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Khadgar and Merlan were traveling, trying to warn people, and were mostly ignored up until this point.

Once word gets out and the evacuation starts, Kahdgar will be teleporting everyone he can to the station, back and forth, probably exhausting himself in the process and surviving off mana potions so he doesn't pass out mid-teleport or drop dead suddenly.

So basically, he's gonna be stupid.

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Looma wasn't too active in spreading the Warnings of Doom, since she thought it'd be pretty irresponsible to do so when there was so little in the way of specifics to offer. But she would have brought it up when seeking permission from the local authorities to bring down her crew and anyone else from the fleet who wanted to join in for some weapons and combat training. She had reason to believe something bad was coming, and wanted them to be prepared as much as possible to help deal with it, but wouldn't go around spreading the word to everyone she came across.

As for the evacuations themselves, she'd be assisting where she could- asking/telling Parker to put the Bishop to work helping ferry people and cargo between the planet and the station, as well as helping move around heavier cargo herself on the ground. Since she's more than capable of lifting a few tons without difficulty and all.

She'd also keep at it right up until zero hour, and then start looking for any stubborn stragglers who refused to leave / had the foolish idea they could just hunker down and ride out a freaking meteor impact.
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Justice is able to track people and sense mortals, so once the evacuation is announced, he'll be finding stragglers who aren't leaving for one reason or another and getting them to the ships. He can find them even in places where they wouldn't have heard the evacuation order, and he can lead teams to find them as well.

Justice is also able to boost magical abilities, so if a mage who's helping people needs help being more powerful or lasting longer, Justice can be useful. This does require allowing Justice 'in', so to speak, which is an intimate process and would leave your character's mind open for him to read and it would leave your character able to bind or hurt Justice very badly if they decided to turn on him for some reason.

Unless someone talks him into saving himself, he will still be doing this by the time the last ship takes off--or fails to.
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Once Katie had recovered enough, she was going to be underhanded and cause individuals in crowded areas to see death omens for a brief few seconds-- in a place full of superstition that should get them a bit twitchy, and combined with the calls to evacuate should help

EDIT: Also Nami will be putting those pilot skills to use and ferrying as many people as possible back and forth via the Bloodsport. It might be a little slower than the shuttles but they can cram a lot more people on. When it's deemed too risky/too close to impact time she'll switch to a shuttle for stragglers and/or her STUBBORN CREW WHO MIGHT STILL BE WORKING lookin at you Sam
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Hermione can apparate and create portkeys, so she will be doing that to help with the evacuation process, but this is a limited number of people per teleport so it won't be a huge amount. She can't really teleport people from the planet to the ships?

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Felix will be functioning both as a pilot - ferrying people and supplies to the space station - and also working to coordinate the evacuation efforts/keep track of supplies/what have you. Basically if it involves flying or planning, he'll be there.

(This also hits way to close to home, so he'll probably be working himself...pretty much to the bone. Sleep can happen when an entire planet's worth of people aren't in danger of dying. someone make sure he sleeps sometimes.)

I'm going to have him stick around for the emergency. Probably shuttling people, although he's going to be working in tandem with Chekov so his exact efforts are still a little up in the air.

Sayid will be mostly trying to make sure that people make it to the shuttles, or helping coordinate those efforts.
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While Serah is new to the game you can bet she'll be trying to help with evacuations. She has the ability to summon monsters and might try using some for transportation and cargo/equipment hauling purposes.

I'd be really interested in having Serah team up with others to try to help out. I live for these types of events. :D
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Max isn't much for 'spreading information' but Sam, Takeshi, and Jarvis have all been telling people about the dreams and to be ready for evacuation or danger; Takeshi may not have as much luck since he's small and probably less trusted in such topics, but Sam and Jarvis are very much skilled in the art of polite convincing, so hopefully they fare much better!!

After the evacuation is ordered and the planet's thoroughly dooooomed, Sam and Jarvis will be leaping into action to help get everyone evacuated, going door to door to try and get people moved out. Max will be ferrying people as a pilot, helping load things into the ships, and will also make repairs if needed. Takeshi will be carrying or pulling extremely heavy things like ~200-400 lbs boxes and the like, hopefully cutting down the time and work needed to get things on board.

Takeshi, Jarvis, and Sam will need to be pulled from their efforts, as they're determined with getting things done to nearly the last second, Sam and Takeshi most of all, with Sam the Master of Last Seconding. Max will be doing a u-turn to go back and help with the engines, and will work on those in the last crucial hour of the evacuation. When he goes to leave afterward with not much time to spare, debris will strike his shuttle and cause him to crash land back on the planet. Unfortunately, he'll be trapped and gravely injured, and even with Furiosa going back to try and save him, it'll be too late for either of them. To which there will be repercussions when Max wakes from death later, but that's for then.

(Anyone reading and interested, let me know if you'd like to plot anything!)

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Fie's going to be doing her part, shuttling people back and forth, inspecting nooks and crannies for anyone hiding. She's also good to be another body for those organizing logistics and supplies. She can assist with plants and food stores or however that'll work.
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OKAY, PROPER PLOTTING COMMENT NOW since I failed miserably on the awkwardness of the last one.

HERMIONE is going to be running herself ragged teleporting people, using apparition and making portkeys. Who cares about exhaustion? There are people to save. She's going to be magically tired and physically exhausted, too, even with the help she might be getting from Justice (thanks, bro). This is likely going to result in her thinking she can get off the planet in time with her own apparition to the space station... And likely failing. Oops. Anyone who wants to help her with evacuations or making sure she doesn't actually pass out is more than welcome!

ZAVEID is going to be wherever Sorey is. If you can see him then you'll see him fluttering around trying to do whatever he can to make sure people get off the planet. This might include him literally picking children up and running away with them in a whirlwind, but sometimes you gotta. If you can't see him, enjoy seeing floating people!

AERITH is going to be helping anyone evacuate, running around and healing/picking people up, doing what she can to usher people here and there and being particularly stubborn about it! She's going to be particularly insistent about trying to get people off but she might also take a little while to try and commune with the Planet again, not that she'll hear anything more than the horrific screaming she's been hearing for the last few weeks!

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VICTOR is going to help out where he can with organizing and getting people to leave. He has been spending this time on the planet trying to stay on the local's good side. While he can only do so much with not magical abilities to speak of, his main goal will be to ensure that as many people make it off as possible and once they are on the station as comfortable as possible. A lot of passing out supplies probably? His primary concern will also be to make sure his friends (and Yuri) are safe.

GIL is an engineer and will be doing that whole bit where he works on keeping the ships running and fixing the engine failure. Keeping things afloat while chaos rains down is kind of his forte.
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Doudanuki never went to the planet himself having been affected by the singing into making him super paranoid. However, he sat at the comms station of the Caprine the entire time broadcasting to whomever would listen about what he knew.

For the evacuation efforts, he'll be on the ground until the bitter end, shuttling people and animals back and forth, providing protection for stores and people against looters and rioters, whatever he can do. He'll need to be physically removed from the planet at the end because he's going back to help when the final ship has trouble.

Okita has been down on the planet as much as he can, talking to people, trying to convince them of the upcoming disaster. Once it hits, he'll be evacuating people - children first - using the Goldstone's shuttles whenever they're available. As a security officer, he'll also work with the authorities to ensure that panic doesn't take over and cause rioting.

He'll be down on the planet at the very end, trying to load people onto different shuttles when the ship malfunctions. He can't help them with fixing it, but he can use the shuttles to help people escape and he'll be doing just that. He'll need an evac himself though - pushing himself for so long will cause his illness to rear its ugly head and he'll collapse on the planet's surface. When it comes down to saving the people of Lyuku and saving himself though, he's going to trade places and stay behind so more citizens can escape.

Okita is dying at the end. His shuttle can take one more person and he'll give up his pilot's seat, putting it on auto-pilot toward the space station while he stays behind on the planet's surface.
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As far as spreading the warning, Felix partnered up with Tyrion in a fortune telling venture and when Sam helped spread the word about the urgency of the dreams, the two of them began to incorporate the warnings into their predictions to hopefully better get the people's attention.

During the evacuation efforts, Felix won't be terribly active beyond bullying people into being orderly on the Goldstone, and maybe begrudgingly lending his engineer augment skills on the station. He'll be sticking close to Crowley most of the time.

Kaidan is helping to coordinate evacuation efforts with the military and the fleet. If your character is planning to use their ship shuttle to help out with this, feel free to comment here.

During the final push, Kaidan will be down on the planet and will do something incredibly stupid like help boost the ailing ship into atmo with his biotics and then die.
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Furiosa will be spending most of the time ferrying people from the planet to the station as much as she can, with other First Breathers doing the same with the shuttles. Nearing the end of the ordeal, she'll hear about Max and grab a shuttle to go back and get him. That's not going to end so well for either of them.

Peebee I'm in the process of letting go, so she'll be in the background ferrying people and animals with her shuttle, but unless I get a specific request I probably won't be tagging with her for this event. She will survive, at least.
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Evacuation: Arthur will have spent every moment up to the last second helping the evacuation process, especially getting children and the frail out. It's unlikely that many of the Fleet would have seen him during this except as occasional flashes of magic, wings, and worry. If you'd like to handwave a short encounter or seeing him bustle about, just drop me a message. He escapes himself by the thinnest of margins, having been dragged into the shuttle by one of the fleeing NPCs.

Post Boom: After the blast, Arthur will be working with the new refugees, quietly delivering small comforts and supplies where they're needed. There'll be a feeling of very grim familiarity about him. He also won't be sleeping. So someone should probably shove him to a bed before he falls asleep on his feet.