Jan. 17th, 2017

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At some point during the passengers' repair efforts on the ships, they'll notice that new options New Upgrade Options have been made available for purchase! Is it Atroma's attempt at helping or placating you? Did you just knock something loose while wildly banging engine parts with a wrench? It's a mystery!

Either way, new upgrades are now available for crews to purchase! Hooray!

And on a side note, the Ship Status Doc has been fixed so it should properly show upgrades now. But please let us know if you spot any errors! Thanks!
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Hey flooters! I'm thinking we could all use a central post to help one another keep track of the damage done to the Iskaulit establishments after the recent event. So if one of your characters owns some place on the Iskaulit, if you could please fill out the form below in the comments that would be great!

Thanks and I hope this helps!