Jan. 18th, 2017

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Hey guys!

Quick thing -- Jarvis here has plotted to work with the (tragic) supplies he has and, since everyone is reeling and working hard and trying to get things back in order, will be making all the ships breakfasts and dinners  for the next days following reconstruction unless they tell him to scram or w/e. You'll find that there will be carts delivered with a plate for each of the people aboard their respective ship or where they may be too busy working to stop and properly eat. >:^|

Let me know if your character would like to help with this! Jarvis will get it done and tire himself out, but aid is always fun. :)

Also if you don't care to get any of this stuff we can say there was a declining of food somewhere in there.

(Every cart or plate sent out will have a list of ingredients and a request to send any allergies to The Space Bar for record.)

It'll consist of the following (unless otherwise edited):

Morning - alternating between:

PANCAKES/WAFFLES. They're not particularly thick thanks to having small amounts to work with, and they will be topped with powdered sugar and will come with a side of a sort of sweet jam concocted from the various flavorings and synthetic gels available.

SCRAMBLED SYNTHETIC EGGS WITH SMALL AMOUNTS OF ALIEN VEGETABLES FROM THE GARDEN. Very decent consistency, because powdered eggs and powdered diary replacement can only be scrambled tbh. But it's nicely seasoned with garlic powder, salt, and pepper. There's not a lot re: garden because supplies will be very scarce and whatnot, but it's enough to give some dynamic in the dish. :|b

Served with oddly sweet milk composed of that synthetic dairy, or a pot of coffee.

Dinner - alternating between:

SORT-OF TACOS. Made with heavily seasoned gels, taco mix from the Tourist, and very limited greens. The tortilla is thin but legitimate! It ain't the worst taco you'll ever have, okay. Jarvis has grown quite fond of tacos, even if his is space-ified.

POTATO CASSEROLE. It's stacked combinations of dry-solid and soft-solid, as well as the flaky synthetic potato proteins from the kitchens. Seasoned with pepper with something remarkably close to cheese on the top. Very very gingerly sprinkled with herbs.

DESSERTS (with dinner):

Mini-pies in muffin tins, the crust is a made with protein powder turned into a crust with some careful trial and error, and the inside is just some jams flavored with an assortment of available flavors in the kitchens (lemon and cherry especially). EDIT: thanks to Belth, there will be real fruit on the inside. :)

OR... just some general jello, cherry flavored. :)

Served with water or sodie pop.

This is just a little fun thing to keep people fed and keep my dude busy as always. Feel free to bring in others who like to cook and add other meals they concocted from our hideous space food. Jarvis will probably leave the cart in the ships for someone to find, but he'll happily directly bring it to individuals working weird hours or who are off their ship for whatever reason.